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Thicker, Stronger Hair with the New Pantene

January 31, 2017


There are days when you feel annoyed at your hair for not being smooth and thick, right? All of us girls go through this and bad hair days are the worst! It’s real, guys. A bad hair day can possibly mess up your entire schedule and mood. How do you keep bad hair days at bay? I have had loads of girls come up to me, asking me for a hair fix and the routine I follow to keep my hair thick and strong. Over the years I have followed a couple of different routines and products, Pantene being a heavy contributor to my hair strength. I am going to let you guys in on a couple of my tricks, through this post, to keep your hair naturally thick and retain the shine!  I was a girl who always had thick black hair and I was always very happy with my hair. The length, the texture, the feel, I loved every bit of it. But how do I ensure that it is strong and thick?


That’s when I heard about the new Pantene. With its new Pro –V formula and goodness of oils, it promised to make your hair thicker and stronger in just 14 days. On using the new Pantene, I noticed the onset of a change in the texture of my hair, my hair felt thicker and stronger from root to tip.


I tried the new Pantene for 14 days, to be precise, and I can say with surety that the goodness of oils and Pro-v formula has had a good effect on my hair, making it stronger and thicker. The feel, smoothness and the health of my hair has improved and it’s a lot less frizzy and more manageable. Are you ready for a hair revolution? With just a good wash and condition, your hair can be stronger and thicker. Click here to enjoy a free sample! Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!










































































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